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Ernest Stanozoni, or Eric Stanton as he was later known, was born in New York on September 30, 1926, to Russian parents. He got his first big Art break in 1947 when disappointed with some fetish art books he purchased from Irving Klaw, Stanton wrote to Klaw and told him that he was a better artist than anyone on Irvingís payroll. Klaw agreed with him and signed Eric on as an illustrator and bondage/domination comic artist.

Stantonís early work may have been somewhat rough, but he attended the New York School of Visual Arts and his art vastly improved over the years. He even shared an apartment in New York for a while with Spider Man creator Steve Ditko. While working for Klaw, Stanton did the art work for a number of bondage comics and other female domination books.

Stanton became well known for his female cat-fighting action sequences, as well as female domination art, where men were frequently tortured and raped submissives. After Irving Klaw died in 1966, Stanton supported himself by self-publishing his own stories and art to an underground network of patrons and subscribers. Eric Stanton died on March 17, 1999.

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